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Ways to Save Money When Moving

MovingWhile we may get excited about moving into our new place, the actual process of moving can be a chaotic, expensive ordeal which leaves us frustrated. With a little planning, moving does not have to make your wallet bleed. Make as many arrangements in advance as possible. This will help you to create a budget for your move that you can live with.

Instead of using a moving company to carry and transport your possessions, ask friends if they are able to help out for a few hours by loading or unloading boxes. Ask friends with vans, SUVs, and trucks to assist in exchange for gas money or exchange services with them, such as helping them paint their patio or babysitting a few hours. If none of your friends have vehicles suitable for moving, your next best option is to rent a moving truck/van. Call these companies well in advance to be sure a vehicle is reserved for you on the day you need it. If you don’t know what size of vehicle you need, employees are usually able to help you figure this out by asking a few questions.

Another option is to throw a moving party. Have a couple of cases of beer, a bottle of wine, and a few large pizzas ready and waiting at your new place for when everything has been moved. Don’t forget to offer non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers, or have the nearest cab company’s phone number handy and ensure none of your guests drive after consuming alcohol.

Packing materials can be expensive, but use of everyday items and a little planning can make securing your belongings free. Check with grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores for boxes. If they have none when you check, ask what day is the best to get some. Some businesses will even hold boxes aside for you. Be sure to show up at the day and time you were advised to as boxes are normally crushed due to space limitations.

Use towels, dishcloths, clothing, and bedding to line your box bottoms. Layer breakables with towels to protect them instead of bubble wrap, stuff dishcloths inside of glasses, or wrap picture frames in a blanket. Not only will these tips eliminate any cost in packing materials, they are environmentally friendly. Label boxes with their contents or the room they need to go in to make the end result less chaotic. You’re not going to want to dig through 30 boxes to find one item you need immediately.

Be sure to sort through items as you pack. Donate unused clothing, household goods, or anything else you no longer need to your favorite charity. Another option is to have a yard sale or list items on websites like eBay or Craig’s list. You could end up with enough cash to pay your moving party, gas, or truck rental and you will not be dragging stuff around that you no longer use.

On a final note, be sure to keep all receipts related to your move, as many moving expenses are tax deductions. Speak to your tax service to find out more information on what to save. When in doubt, save a receipt. It is better to have a receipt you don’t need than need a receipt you don’t have.