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Ways to combat the winter blah’s

Winter BlahsWhile there are many people who thoroughly love winter, many of us don’t quite enjoy it so much or get fed up with winter as it crawls along. There are many reasons why winter can leave you feeling a case of the winter blahs, and just as many ways to combat them.

We often feel listless, tired, or lose interest in things during winter due to the fewer hours of sunlight we receive. While sometimes this can just leave you feeling tired, for others it can be full blown seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If you don’t get much direct sunlight during winter months, it is important to ensure you are taking in enough Vitamin D3. Depending on how much sunlight you get 1000-5000 IU of Vitamin D3 in supplement form are often enough to combat the winter blah’s. While we do get some Vitamin D in milk products, this is usually just enough to prevent Rickets Disease and may not be enough to give you all the benefits.

Light therapy using a special light box is often used in the treatment of people with SAD or who are prone to fatigue associated with winter. These boxes can be purchased online or at many medical supply stores. Most people feel refreshed by using a light box for only 30 minutes every morning. Many health plans will often cover the purchase of this device with a doctor’s prescription. Be sure to ask advice or do a little research before purchasing one to be sure you get a product that is going to work the way it needs to.

Daily exercise is great way to shove away those winter blah’s. Increased blood flow, oxygen, and endorphins released during exercise are a sure-fire way to leave you feeling energized throughout the day. A simple 10-15 minute walk outdoors is often enough to make you feel regenerated. If weather doesn’t permit, purchase of a home exercise video or small home exercise devices are a great alternative if you are not fond of going to the gym.

Frequent socializing with friends and family members is a great way to keep you feeling isolated and blue during winter. Invite a friend over for a movie, dinner, to take a walk, or play a board game. Alternate who will host the get together to keep it from becoming dull and repetitive.

Community groups for crafts, music, or reading are a great way to break up your week, meet new people, and give you something to do when you are feeling blah. Not only do you get to meet up on a specific day, you often have something you can practice daily at home or work on.

Another great idea is to volunteer at your favorite charity, shelter, foodbank, or animal society. Not only will you be helping someone, you will be meeting new people and socializing and engaging in new activities.

For those who don’t mind the weather so much, if there’s snow-go sliding, skiing, snowshoeing, skiidooing, ice fishing, or whatever gets you outside enjoying the winter air.

These are just a few of the ways to add some excitement to your winters and chase away the blahs once and for all.